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With your donation we can save lives.

At Refuge, we support thousands of women and children who turn to us when they’re trying to escape domestic abuse. Help us be there for every woman and child who needs us, by donating today. 


£5 a month could go towards providing emotional support to a child.
90% of domestic abuse in the home happens in the presence of a child. Your regular gift could help children to overcome the trauma of witnessing or experiencing domestic abuse.

£10 a month could give a woman her independence back.
Women are often forced to stop working by their abusers, or they have to leave their jobs when they escape abuse. Your regular gift could provide employment and financial advice from our specialist staff, to help give a woman back her independence and support her back into work.

£15 a month could provide essentials for a woman arriving at a refuge.
Every day, women escaping life-threatening situations seek safety in our refuges. Many arrive with little more than the clothes they are wearing. Your gift could provide essentials like toiletries and food to help a woman through her first night.

£15 could give a woman arriving at a refuge the essentials she needs for her first night.

£25 could go towards providing emotional and practical support to women and their children affected by domestic abuse.

£52 could provide a woman and her children a safe night’s stay in one of our 44 refuges.

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If you have trouble donating please call: 020 7395 7771 or email: [email protected]